Established in 2004, DPL Unlimited has provided musicians with a wide variety of top-notch professional services designed to make completing your project stress free.
Because we always record bands live in the room together, we've decided to redesign our studio to offer it as a concert venue for bands that want their live stream video and audio to be of the best it can be. Our other services include music recording, mixing and mastering; video editing; graphic design; website design; short run CDs; as well as full color printing including posters, flyers and business cards.  
Our facility is located in New Orleans, LA and it's geared specifically to suit any type of music needs your project requires. Our  Suite boasts the most powerful plug-ins, giving us the ability to dial in that sound of perfection that you desire for your music.
With our state-of-the-art gear and experience, you will get the best services...Guaranteed. Our standards and experience do not allow us to be the cheapest on the block...Getting a quality job  (done right the first time) saves you the stress, headache, time and money of having to redo a poorly executed project. 
At the end of the day, all you want to do is write songs and perform shows. While we won't go and get you the gig, we will give you that spark of professionalism, with all of your product needs, when you do the show.

​Hit us up for a pre-production consultation !